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How to integrate and enjoy the best of social media and email marketing!

Increase loyalty, generate visualization and additional revenue for your establishment

SEO for hotels, hostels or hostels Artaxnet

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of website optimization aiming to improve their ranking positions of search engines like Google and Bing.
Google has over 200 eligibility criteria for the placement of your hotel website. Some factors with greater weight to the algorithm others with little strength, but if added together make a big difference to your positioning and your online bookings.
Being well positioned on Google will increase your website traffic, potential customers will relate to your hotel, hostel or hostel and your communication possibilities will multiply.

Google has over 50 eligibility criteria for a website placement. We know the search engine algorithm deeply, and we guarantee to make a big difference to your website and your online bookings.

No company in the digital age can achieve great results by letting go of Google. Knowing this, we have seen OTAs dominating Google ranking using SEO techniques that can be used by any small and medium sized hotel. Leaving aside the opportunities that Google offers is a big mistake for your hotel establishment.

The result of good SEO work for hotels is the significant increase in their bookings, especially direct bookings.

Artaxnet offers a complete solution to help your hotel, hostel or hostel win new bookings through Google. In addition to SEO knowledge, we work exclusively for the hospitality market, which makes us great hotel SEO experts.


Social Media Management

The hotel sector is bustling with approval and indication. Having social networks in your favor is a great strategy that is no longer an option or differential but an obligation for those who want to achieve online visibility.

The presence on social networks will help your hotel, hostel or hostel to create a close and friendly relationship with the potential public, as well as favoring the sharing of good experiences within the hotel establishment.

Through social networks we can understand the target audience by directing messages, bring the audience closer and show all the benefits of the hotel and destination.

Artaxnet offers this fully-planned hospitality service to make a difference in the online marketplace and environment.


E-mail marketing for hotels

Email marketing is an extremely efficient tool for informing your customers of your top promotions, hotel schedules, and miscellaneous hotel and destination information.

With numerous hotels offering similar services and rates to their visitors, utilizing email marketing within their communication strategy will make your hotel stay ahead of competitors.

Email marketing is one of the main tools used by companies to communicate over the internet. Even with the emergence of new applications, email is still alive and with all the potential to explore sales strategies.

In addition to submitting your campaigns, we manage your contact list by doing all the work of capturing new emails through your website.

Thousands of visitors come to your site every month, including the option to capture new emails extends communication between hotel and future guest.

Artaxnet email marketing for hotels includes:

• Email capture through your website
• Creation of promotional arts (templates)
• Campaign management and submission
• Results reports

Email marketing is a very powerful tool both for improving the relationship between customer and hotel, hostel or hostel, as well as for increasing booking conversion and customer loyalty.

Artaxnet will help your hotel build a potential customer email base. Our email marketing campaigns will generate new bookings for your hotel, guest house or hostel.


We present Artaxnet

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Who are we?

Artaxnet was born from the experience of its partners in the tourism and hospitality market. Experienced professionals, with years of experience in strategic positions in hotel management and in OTAs (Online Travel Agencies).

Our know-how and expertise has as a principle to understand the hoteliers' needs and to integrate solutions that simplify and professionalize the management of hotel establishments to the maximum, managing sales actions applied in distribution in OTAs and direct sales using strategies of revenue management and digital marketing.

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