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Artaxnet PCI DSS Certification

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) refer to the global information standard set by the payment card industry to assist in preventing payment card fraud.

To achieve PCI DSS compliance, a company must successfully demonstrate that it has complied with several stringent measures to enforce the data security of the companies it conducts business with.

Artaxnet's most valuable assets are its customers and partners. We value and care about their safety and therefore we have taken on the rigorous PCI DSS global certification process.

Approximately 180 million hotel reservations are made online each year and require the use of a credit card. Growing bank requirements have also put greater pressure on our hotel customers and partners to meet global standards for preventing payment card fraud.


How do hotel customers and partners benefit from Artaxnet PCI DSS certification?


  • The confidence that reservation data is securely stored by Artaxnet in accordance with certified best practice.
  • Increased protection of account data in online booking transactions - from fraud, hackers and other significant threats.
  • A more complete online solution, combined with world-class technology, with the confidence that your data is protected.

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Who are we?

Artaxnet was born from the experience of its partners in the tourism and hospitality market. Experienced professionals, with years of experience in strategic positions in hotel management and in OTAs (Online Travel Agencies).

Our know-how and expertise has as a principle to understand the hoteliers' needs and to integrate solutions that simplify and professionalize the management of hotel establishments to the maximum, managing sales actions applied in distribution in OTAs and direct sales using strategies of revenue management and digital marketing.

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